Top 10 Smartphones with Fingerprint Sensor for Security & Privacy Protection

If the privacy and security is on top in your priority in smartphone features list, then you really need to have a fingerprint scanner in your smartphone.


The fingerprint scanner are mostly found in premium smartphone, but many China-based smartphone makes have started implementing fingerprint scanner to their handsets and are available at comparatively affordable price.

Interestingly there are some smartphone that come with fingerprint scanner at an affordable price. We have jotted down top smartphones that are equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the device that are worth buying. Read on to know more.


List includes cheapest Android Finger print scanner mobiles even below ₦40,000 Fingerprint sensor is used for privacy and security purpose and adds to ease of unlocking the mobile.

Also we have included some of the best smartphones with the Finger print technology priced ₦60,000, ₦80,000, ₦120,000 and even beyond that.
iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus

Apple’s iPhone 5S was the first device from Apple to offer the fingerprint scanner feature. Apple named this feature as TouchID in iPhone 5S and is considered as one of the most accurate fingerprint scanners. The Apple iPhone 6S series also comes with an updated TouchID 2.0 technology. Apple’s Touch ID technology on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus can not only unlock the device but can also authorize the payments of Apple Pay the NFC-based mobile payment system developed by Apple with just a single touch on the home button.


Samsung Galaxy A8  

Samsung Galaxy A8 is a thin, sleek and gorgeous looking smartphone that comes with a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display with 1980x1080p resolution and comes with fingerprint scanner.

Samsung-Galaxy-A8_igotell.com_Galaxy A8 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615  chipset with 2GB RAM inside. Galaxy A8 comes with a 16MP rear camera with LED flash and 5MP front facing camera with 120-degree wide angle lens for group selfies.


Octa Core Snapdragon 615 Processor
5.7 Inch Super AMOLED Full HD Display
Dual SIM
16 MP Camera With LED Flash
5 MP Front Camera
3050mAh Battery

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