Here Are The Best Android Wear Smartwatches You Can Buy

The smartwatch is the mother of all smartphone accessories. It can tell the time, of course, but it can also beam important notifications straight to your wrist, and run native apps. SmartWatches is increasingly giving advantages to the users and therefore, it is turning out to be increasingly well known in the market.

elephone_w2_smart_watch_review_7_thumb800_igotell.com_Perhaps more than any other tech gadget, smartwatches should reflect the wearer’s personality. If you are thinking of gifting one, you’ll have to weigh both technological and fashion questions. Does the recipient want to make calls through it? Do they want a touchscreen? How much does style matter? Not everyone who wants the functionality of a smartwatch loves that calculator-watch aesthetic after all.

If you want a smartwatch in the here and now, this is the guide you need. Here are the six we think should be at the top of the list to strap to your wrist. The only one that requires a particular phone to operate is the Apple Watch, while all the others will happily work with iOS and Android, thanks to cross-device compatibility through a special app. Apple Watch, Android Wear smartwatches and Pebble top the list.

1. Pebble Time: The best affordable smartwatch

Pebble-Time-The-best-affordable-smartwatch_igotell.com_The Pebble Time offers an appealing and affordable entry point into the world of smartwatches, but lacks the premium feel and better battery life of the Steel model.

If you want to just dabble in smartwatchery without dropping a lot of cash, get the original £79.99 Pebble. Functionally, it’s the same as the Pebble Steel but in a cheaper, more robust (and uglier) plastic body. I hated the Pebble’s look at first, but eventually I came around to kind of dig it. Also the plastic body and rubber strap make it great for wearing at night (sleep-tracking) or in the shower (music control/just being way too connected). Even though the screen on mine got a little scuffed, I learned to love the little sucker for being so robust and trusty.

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